Ape Unit Letters — Sharing Our Network With You

As we have grown and changed over the past years, Ape Unit has become something resembling a network much more than a binary company. The line between our team and the client’s team, between our projects and our friends’ projects, is becoming translucent. Our approach has a collaborative mindset at its core.

Our business is based on a simple thought: we work on stuff we find interesting. We work together with people we enjoy working with.

We have never been in touch with so many people who share a sense of curiosity for the same things — people with very different backgrounds, skills, and opinions. From these people, our network's strength emerges in a way that is sometimes hard to grasp. A lot of inspiration, insight, and questioning circulates through our countless network chats and channels. We've been asking ourselves, how can we make this visible?

A while ago we started a mailing list. Our monthly-ish mailing shares some insights and experiences from our work and our network. We also add interesting articles, recommendations, music playlists, and anything we find inspiring. But, we'll only send it once in a while when we have really exciting news to share.

This is Ape Unit Letters — it's a great way to see what's inspiring us.

We hope you'll join! https://apeunit.substack.com/

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