Ape Unit is Stewarding the Interchain Foundation UX Working Group

Ape Unit is Stewarding the Interchain Foundation UX Working Group

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) is the operational unit that builds and promotes the Cosmos Network, an Internet of Blockchains. Its mission is to research, develop, and promote open, decentralized network technologies that provide greater sovereignty, security, and sustainability to the world's communities.

High-quality developer experiences (DX) and user experiences (UX) are essential for open, network technologies to be truly accessible to everyone. Naturally, the ICF's mission includes investing in processes that produce high-quality DX and UX. So, the Interchain Foundation created the ICF UX Working Group.

The working group's goal is to highlight the emerging challenges that must be addressed to ensure high-quality UX and DX on an inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC) connected Internet of Blockchains. The working group builds standards and applications that improve UX/DX through a collaborative, open dialogue.

At Ape Unit, we're honored to be stewarding the ICF UX Working Group.

Our role includes administering and recording our meetings and synthesizing discussions' results into standards and recommendations for designers and developers to use while building Interchain applications. We will also be building proof-of-concept apps that demonstrate these techniques.

To learn more about our work in the ICF UX working group, explore our site.

To review what we discussed in our past meetings, check out this recap.

To participate in the UX Working Group, please join our Telegram group.

We're excited about your future contributions!

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