Ape Unit and UTU Announce Partnership to Build a New Trust Infrastructure for the Digital World

Ape Unit and UTU Announce Partnership to Build a New Trust Infrastructure for the Digital World

Ape Unit is excited to announce our new partnership with UTU. We will be working together to realize a shared vision of trust infrastructure and a safer digital world by building an AI-powered, decentralized Trust Infrastructure as a Service.

At Ape Unit, we have always sought out projects that increase fairness on a global scale and contribute to more trusting economies. We believe that blockchain is one of the most promising technologies to act as a backbone supporting this economic transformation and are always looking for partners who share this same vision of fairness. That’s why we are extremely excited to work together with UTU towards a fairer, more trusting world.

UTU believes in a more human-friendly internet. Ape Unit is excited to join forces with UTU Technologies to realize a shared vision of trust infrastructures and a safer digital world. Since the dawn of the internet, online reputation and user trust have been massive issues. Reviews are easily fabricated, which is especially problematic in high-trust environments involving large purchases and value transfers. Solving this issue would help build trust between customers and clients and give both peace of mind. We are helping UTU pioneer digital models of trust built around how human beings naturally trust. UTU’s vision is to become the trust infrastructure of the entire internet, replacing anonymous star ratings, reviews, and scores as the de facto trust mechanisms of digital commerce.

Combining UTU's direction with Ape Unit's technical development expertise, we are building systems to grow the UTU protocol's ecosystem. We have already launched the UTU Defi Portal and Liquidity Mining Program, and we are currently building an initial API Gateway so that people can access UTU’s trust engine for themselves.

In a strong show of commitment to each other, Ape Unit has taken a material token stake in $UTU and will take significant payments for services in UTU coins.

UTU CEO Jason Eisen commented,

“Ape Unit is like having an elite squadron of digital commandos to execute on tough problems on tight timelines. Emil Wagner and the Ape’s vision for product innovation also adds tremendously to UTU’s own vision for the future of digital trust. We could not be more excited to have Ape Unit as a token holder and strategic partner.”

We are pleased to be working with UTU and creating a more trusting digital world!

Ape Unit | office@apeunit.com | +49 30 306 490 10

UTU Technologies | trust@utu.io | +254 701 073 455

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