Announcing the Celo Development 101 Course from Dacade

Announcing the Celo Development 101 Course from Dacade

The Celo Foundation has awarded a grant to Dacade, our peer-to-peer education platform that makes active social learning affordable and scalable, to grow Celo’s developer community through peer-to-peer challenges and developer education.

Dacade has launched Celo Development 101, a free, online course specifically for developers who are interested in creating dApps for Celo, an open-source blockchain ecosystem focused on making decentralized financial (DeFi) systems and tools accessible to anyone with a smartphone. By strengthening Celo’s learning community and growing Celo’s ecosystem, Dacade is expanding access to education and ultimately enabling anyone to contribute to Celo’s mission of creating an inclusive financial system. By partnering with the Celo Foundation, Dacade aims to become a leading educator in the communities it serves primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

Learn to build with Celo here.

Learn and Take the Dacade Celo Challenge

Dacade’s Celo Development 101 course is comprehensive in scope, beginning with curated materials that teach basic Celo concepts. Developers will learn how to create a working Celo mobile dApp before entering the Dacade Celo Challenge, where developers can post their working project to GitHub to get peer feedback.. As developers progress in the course,, they’re also encouraged along the way to collaborate on future Celo projects and participate in hackathons.

“At Dacade, we are focused on a unique, collaborative, and incentivized method of learning and teaching. As more people learn how to build on Celo through Dacade, the number of people working to grow the Celo ecosystem increases. That is the focus of the Dacade Celo Challenge — to foster a collaborative, Celo developer community through education,” said Moritz Stellmacher, CEO at Dacade.

“This partnership lays the groundwork for a strong, open learning community for the Celo ecosystem. The promise of Dacade’s collaborative, incentivized learning model makes us very excited for the future of our developer community, the continued growth of our ecosystem, and the propagation of a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity — for everyone,” said Daniel Olarte, Service Design Partner at cLabs, working on Celo.

About Dacade

Dacade is a peer-to-peer education platform that makes active social learning affordable and scalable. On our recently redesigned platform, users can earn cryptocurrencies by learning about blockchain from their peers and helping their peers on their learning journey. Instead of solely providing content, Dacade incentivizes learners to give feedback on their peers’ completed assignments — creating learning communities with a strong emphasis on technical knowledge. We help our partner projects to boost developer adoption by making their emergent technologies accessible to anyone.

Visit Dacade’s website to learn more, support their work, or join the learning community.





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